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Links and Resources

Links & Resources

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                The Rainforest Site

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By clicking on these buttons above, you have the ability to donate free supplies to these organizations. No cost to you, sponsors pay all costs of donation.

Missouri Organic Association

"Our goal is to bring together Missouri organic growers, gardeners, consumers and all advocates of organic methods in a united effort to spread an understanding of the importance of a healthy food supply system, and to promote the growing and eating of organic foods." - MOA

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is a grassroots, non-profit, public interest organization working specifically to protect our food supply. The OCA works on public education and encourages sustainable agriculture, fair trade, and product labeling of genetically engineered and irradiated food.


 Don the Potter- I love his work!!  Don's work is functional pottery with both production and one of a kind pieces that derive its uniqueness from highly decorative glaze decoration.


BEADS for Education



Primarily an eco-directory of some of the leading environmentally friendly businesses around. Sign up for their newsletter to receive articles, musical events and more updates. Promoters that care!


Test Pledge - www.testpledge.com - Learn more about hemp and THC testing


Green Products Alliancewww.GreenProductsAlliance.com An consortium of manufacturers defining the truly natural in natural care products. Take a look to find other great natural body care companies.


Missouri Botanical Gardens (www.MoBot.org) Where we get help, information and motivation


United Plant Savers (www.plantsavers.org) If you care about native plants and organics, take a look


Herbal Research (www.herbs.org) Information and education


Co-op America Green pages, great references on finding earth friendly businesses for investing to shopping


EcoBusinessLinks Environmental Directory
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Green People (www.GreenPeople.org) Environmental shopping