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About Botanical Earth

About Us

To simply be passionate about the environment, my customers and my products.  That is my mission.

It is that simple.

Beautiful emerald and golden fruit oils, exotic clays and fragrant essential oils create my selection of luxurious handmade herbal body care. But unlike many luxuries, Botanical Earth products are kind to your family and to the earth.  Being a vegetarian myself, I ensure the formulas I create and ingredients used have never been animal tested and are completely cruelty-free with vegan standards.  You'll find no phthalates or parabens, synthetic fragrances, colorants or artificial preservatives in my products.

With a focus on eco-friendly packaging and sustainability around the shop, you'll find a large majority of products packaged in glass as it is shown to be recycled more often by consumers than plastic. You'll also find our clear bags are made of organic corn starch which bio-degrades when it becomes moist. This way after you receive our laundry soap, travel clay masks or herbs, the clear bag will dissolve instead of a plastic bag in a land fill.

In 2012, Botanical Earth became part of the Arcadia Valley Soap Co, and is now located in SE Ozark region of Missouri in the town of Ironton.  That's about an hour and a half outside of downtown St. Louis going south. The Commercial Hotel of Ironton ( built in 1906) is currently where our products are made. It's not a retail store, but right next door is a retail shop called A Little Shop on Main, llc where you can purchase a selection of our products. Small town living suits us well amongst the Arcadia Valley mountains of Pilot Knob and Shepherd Mountain.  If you decide to come visit this region of Missouri, you'll find it's one of the most beautiful around with Johnson Shut-Ins, Taum Sauk National Park and plenty of hiking / outdoor activities.

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